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A Study on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Behavior with 2-Stage Logistic Regression: In Case of Graduates Occupational Mobility Survey
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Behavior with 2-Stage Logistic Regression: In Case of Graduates Occupational Mobility Survey
Chung, Sung-Suk; Lee, Ki-Hoon;
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Job satisfaction impacts on the turnover intention of employee, which affects the turnover behavior. This paper concerns with the impact of job satisfaction on the turn over behavior. Since turnover intention is highly correlated with job satisfaction, salary, employment status and etc, we should pay careful attention for modelling of those variables as independent variables and the turnover behavior as a dependent variable in the empirical study for the impact of factors on turnover behavior. We detect significant variables which effect the turnover behavior using 2-stage logistic regression inserting the turnover intention, an independent variable, with the chance estimates derived from the instrumental variables in Graduates Occupational Mobility Survey.
Job satisfaction;turnover behavior;2-stage regression;graduates occupational mobility survey;
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