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A Study on the Comparison between E-MDR and D-MDR in Continuous Data
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Comparison between E-MDR and D-MDR in Continuous Data
Lee, Jea-Young; Lee, Ho-Guen;
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We have used multifactor dimensionality reduction(MDR) method to study interaction effect of statistical model in general. But MDR method cannot be applied in all cases. It can be applied to the only case-control data. So, two methods are suggested E-MDR and D-MDR method using regression tree algorithm and dummy variables. We applied the methods on the identify interaction effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms(SNPs) responsible for longissimus mulcle dorsi area(LMA), carcass cold weight(CWT) and average daily gain(ADG) in a Hanwoo beef cattle population. Finally, we compare the results using permutation test.
Dummy MDR;expanded MDR;SNP;Hanwoo economic traits;single nucleotide polymorphism;
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