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Identify Major Gene-Gene Interaction Effects Using SNPHarvester
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 Title & Authors
Identify Major Gene-Gene Interaction Effects Using SNPHarvester
Lee, Jea-Young; Kim, Dong-Chul;
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The gene which is related in the disease of the human has been searched among numerous genes in GWA(Genome-Wide Association) research. However, most current statistical methods used to detect gene-gene interactions in disease association studies cannot be easily applied to handle the whole genome association study(GWAS) due to heavy computing. Therefore SNPHarvester is developed to find the main gene group among numerous genes. This research finds the superior gene groups which are related with the economic traits of the Korean beef cattle, not that of human, among sets of SNPs by using SNPHarvester, and also finds the superior genotypes which can enhance various qualities of Korean beef among SNP groups.
CART;genome-wide association;SNP;SNPHarvester;
 Cited by
Main Gene Combinations and Genotype Identification of Hanwoo Quality with SNPHarvester,;;

Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods, 2012. vol.19. 6, pp.799-808 crossref(new window)
한우의 지방산 조성에 영향을 미치는 SREBPs와 FABP4의 유전자 조합 규명,이제영;장지은;오동엽;

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