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Comparison of Two Parametric Estimators for the Entropy of the Lognormal Distribution
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Two Parametric Estimators for the Entropy of the Lognormal Distribution
Choi, Byung-Jin;
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This paper proposes two parametric entropy estimators, the minimum variance unbiased estimator and the maximum likelihood estimator, for the lognormal distribution for a comparison of the properties of the two estimators. The variances of both estimators are derived. The influence of the bias of the maximum likelihood estimator on estimation is analytically revealed. The distributions of the proposed estimators obtained by the delta approximation method are also presented. Performance comparisons are made with the two estimators. The following observations are made from the results. The MSE efficacy of the minimum variance unbiased estimator appears consistently high and increases rapidly as the sample size and variance, n and , become simultaneously small. To conclude, the minimum variance unbiased estimator outperforms the maximum likelihood estimator.
Lognormal distribution;entropy;parametric entropy estimator;consistency;normal approximation;MSE efficacy;
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