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Bayesian Modeling of Random Effects Covariance Matrix for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
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Bayesian Modeling of Random Effects Covariance Matrix for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Lee, Keunbaik;
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Generalized linear mixed models(GLMMs) are frequently used for the analysis of longitudinal categorical data when the subject-specific effects is of interest. In GLMMs, the structure of the random effects covariance matrix is important for the estimation of fixed effects and to explain subject and time variations. The estimation of the matrix is not simple because of the high dimension and the positive definiteness; subsequently, we practically use the simple structure of the covariance matrix such as AR(1). However, this strong assumption can result in biased estimates of the fixed effects. In this paper, we introduce Bayesian modeling approaches for the random effects covariance matrix using a modified Cholesky decomposition. The modified Cholesky decomposition approach has been used to explain a heterogenous random effects covariance matrix and the subsequent estimated covariance matrix will be positive definite. We analyze metabolic syndrome data from a Korean Genomic Epidemiology Study using these methods.
Modified Cholesky decomposition;heterogeneity;Positive definiteness;
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