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Estimating Infection Distribution and Prevalence of Malaria in South Korea Using a Back-calculation Formula
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 Title & Authors
Estimating Infection Distribution and Prevalence of Malaria in South Korea Using a Back-calculation Formula
Jang, Hyun-Gap; Park, Jeong-Soo; Jun, Mi-Jeong; Rhee, Jeong-Ae; Kim, Han-Me-Ury;
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Incidence of Plasmodium vivax malaria in South Korea have been reemerged from mid-1990 and infected around 1600 patients annually recent years. The authors calculated the distribution of malaria infection and prevalence in South Korea using incidence (2001-2006) and incubation period distributions by a back-calculation formula and the least squares estimation method. The estimated infection has a normal distribution with a mean 207 and a standard deviation 30.7 days. In addition, the authors found the estimated daily average prevalence is 628.8 patients.
Incidence distribution;incubation period distribution;least squares estimation;Monte-Carlo technique;normal distribution;survival function;
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