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Comparison of Trend Tests for Genetic Association on Censored Ages of Onset
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Trend Tests for Genetic Association on Censored Ages of Onset
Yoon, Hye-Kyoung; Song, Hae-Hiang;
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The genetic association test on age of onset trait aims to detect the putative gene by means of linear rank tests for a significant trend of onset distributions with genotypes. However, due to the selective sampling of recruiting subjects with ages less than a pre-specified limit, the genotype groups are subject to substantially different censored distributions and thus this is one reason for the low efficiencies in the linear rank tests. In testing the equality of two survival distributions, log-rank statistic is preferred to the Wilcoxon statistic, when censored observations are nonignorable. Therefore, for more then two groups, we propose a generalized log-rank test for trend as a genetic association test. Monte Carlo studies are conducted to investigate the performances of the test statistics examined in this paper.
Genetic association test;age of onset;cutoff age;Wilcoxon statistic;generalized log-rank test;
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