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Comparing Imputation Methods for Doubly Censored Data
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 Title & Authors
Comparing Imputation Methods for Doubly Censored Data
Yoo, Han-Na; Lee, Jae-Won;
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In many epidemiological studies, the occurrence times of the event of interest are right-censored or interval censored. In certain situations such as the AIDS data, however, the incubation period which is the time between HIV infection and the diagnosis of AIDS is usually doubly censored. In this paper, we impute the interval censored HIV infection time using three imputation methods. Mid imputation, conditional mean imputation and approximate Bayesian bootstrap are implemented to obtain right censored data, and then Gibbs sampler is used to estimate the coefficient factor of the incubation period. By using Bayesian approach, flexible modeling and the use of prior information is available. We applied both parametric and semi-parametric methods for estimating the effect of the covariate and compared the imputation results incorporating prior information for the covariate effects.
Doubly censored data;conditional mean imputation;approximate Bayesian bootstrap;Gibbs sampler;
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