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An EM Algorithm-Based Approach for Imputation of Pixel Values in Color Image
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 Title & Authors
An EM Algorithm-Based Approach for Imputation of Pixel Values in Color Image
Kim, Seung-Gu;
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In this paper, a frequentistic approach to impute the values of R, G, B-components in random missing pixels of color image is provided. Under assumption that the given image is a realization of Gaussian Markov random field, its model is designed such that each neighbor pixel values for a given pixel follows (independently) the normal distribution with covariance matrix scaled by an evaluates of the similarity between two pixel values, so that the imputation is not to be affected by the neighbors with different color. An approximate EM-based algorithm maximizing the underlying likelihood is implemented to estimate the parameters and to impute the missing pixel values. Some experiments are presented to show its effectiveness through performance comparison with a popular interpolation method.
Imputation;random missing pixel;color image;Gaussian Markov random field;EM algorithm;
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