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A Study for Forecasting Methods of ARMA-GARCH Model Using MCMC Approach
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 Title & Authors
A Study for Forecasting Methods of ARMA-GARCH Model Using MCMC Approach
Chae, Wha-Yeon; Choi, Bo-Seung; Kim, Kee-Whan; Park, You-Sung;
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The volatility is one of most important parameters in the areas of pricing of financial derivatives an measuring risks arising from a sudden change of economic circumstance. We propose a Bayesian approach to estimate the volatility varying with time under a linear model with ARMA(p, q)-GARCH(r, s) errors. This Bayesian estimate of the volatility is compared with the ML estimate. We also present the probability of existence of the unit root in the GARCH model.
Volatility;GARCH model;Bayesian inference;MCMC;
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