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Bayesian Approaches to Zero Inflated Poisson Model
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 Title & Authors
Bayesian Approaches to Zero Inflated Poisson Model
Lee, Ji-Ho; Choi, Tae-Ryon; Wo, Yoon-Sung;
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In this paper, we consider Bayesian approaches to zero inflated Poisson model, one of the popular models to analyze zero inflated count data. To generate posterior samples, we deal with a Markov Chain Monte Carlo method using a Gibbs sampler and an exact sampling method using an Inverse Bayes Formula(IBF). Posterior sampling algorithms using two methods are compared, and a convergence checking for a Gibbs sampler is discussed, in particular using posterior samples from IBF sampling. Based on these sampling methods, a real data analysis is performed for Trajan data (Marin et al., 1993) and our results are compared with existing Trajan data analysis. We also discuss model selection issues for Trajan data between the Poisson model and zero inflated Poisson model using various criteria. In addition, we complement the previous work by Rodrigues (2003) via further data analysis using a hierarchical Bayesian model.
Gibbs sampler;Inverse Bayes Formula;Bayesian goodness of fit;DIC;hierarchical Bayesia model;
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카드뮴 반응용량 곡선에서의 기준용량 평가를 위한 베이지안 분석연구,이민제;최태련;김정선;우해동;

응용통계연구, 2013. vol.26. 3, pp.453-470 crossref(new window)
Bayesian Analysis of Dose-Effect Relationship of Cadmium for Benchmark Dose Evaluation, Korean Journal of Applied Statistics, 2013, 26, 3, 453  crossref(new windwow)
이지호 (2011). <영과잉 포아송 분포에 대한 베이지안 방법론 고찰>, 고려대학교 통계학과 석사학위논문.

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