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Gene Screening and Clustering of Yeast Microarray Gene Expression Data
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 Title & Authors
Gene Screening and Clustering of Yeast Microarray Gene Expression Data
Lee, Kyung-A; Kim, Tae-Houn; Kim, Jae-Hee;
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We accomplish clustering analyses for yeast cell cycle microarray expression data. To reflect the characteristics of a time-course data, we screen the genes using the test statistics with Fourier coefficients applying a FDR procedure. We compare the results done by model-based clustering, K-means, PAM, SOM, hierarchical Ward method and Fuzzy method with the yeast data. As the validity measure for clustering results, connectivity, Dunn index and silhouette values are computed and compared. A biological interpretation with GO analysis is also included.
Connectivity;Dunn index;Fourier coefficient;FDR;Fuzzy;Microarray expression data;Model-based clustering;K-means;PAM;Silhouette;SOM;Ward method;yeast;
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효모 마이크로어레이 유전자 발현데이터에 대한 가우시안 과정 회귀를 이용한 유전자 선별 및 군집화,김재희;김태훈;

응용통계연구, 2013. vol.26. 3, pp.389-399 crossref(new window)
Screening and Clustering for Time-course Yeast Microarray Gene Expression Data using Gaussian Process Regression, Korean Journal of Applied Statistics, 2013, 26, 3, 389  crossref(new windwow)
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