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Inferential Problems in Bayesian Logistic Regression Models
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Inferential Problems in Bayesian Logistic Regression Models
Hwang, Jin-Soo; Kang, Sung-Chan;
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Model selection and hypothesis testing problems in Bayesian inference are still debated between scholars. Bayesian factors traditionally used as a criterion in Bayesian hypothesis testing and model selection, are easy to understand but sometimes hard to compute. In addition, there are other model selection criterions such as DIC(Deviance Information Criterion) by Spiegelhalter et al. (2002) and Bayesian P-values for testing. In this paper, we briefly introduce the Bayesian hypothesis testing and model selection procedure. In addition we have applied a Bayesian inference to Swiss banknote data by a fitting logistic regression model and computing several test statistics to see if they provide consistent results.
Bayesian Model Selection;Bayes factor;DIC;Bayesian P-value;
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베이지안 추정을 이용한 팔당호 유역의 계절별 클로로필a 예측 및 오염특성 연구,김미아;신유나;김경현;허태영;유문규;이수웅;

한국물환경학회지, 2013. vol.29. 6, pp.832-841
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