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A Method for Gene Group Analysis and Its Application
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 Title & Authors
A Method for Gene Group Analysis and Its Application
Lee, Tae-Won; Delongchamp, Robert R.;
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In microarray data analysis, recent efforts have focused on the discovery of gene sets from a pathway or functional categories such as Gene Ontology terms(GO terms) rather than on individual gene function for its direct interpretation of genome-wide expression data. We introduce a meta-analysis method that combines -values for changes of each gene in the group. The method measures the significance of overall treatment-induced change in a gene group. An application of the method to a real data demonstrates that it has benefits over other statistical methods such as Fisher`s exact test and permutation methods. The method is implemented in a SAS program and it is available on the author`s homepage(
Microarray;Gene Ontology;gene group analysis;-value;SAS program;
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