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Analysis of the Korean peninsula precipitation using inverse statistics methodology
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of the Korean peninsula precipitation using inverse statistics methodology
Min, Seungsik;
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In this paper, we analyze the inverse statistics of rainfall for 12 regions from 1973 to 2014. We obtain a probability density function f(x) of daily rainfall x, and of the first passage time for a given . Lastly, we derive the relation between and , i.e., the averaged value of . The analyses result in the x and have stretched exponential distributions. Also, has the form of a stretched exponential function. We derive the shape parameter of the distribution, and analyze the characteristics of 12 regional rainfalls.
precipitation;rainfall;inverse statistics;probability density function;stretched exponential distribution;
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역통계량을 이용한 강수량자료의 공간예측,최빛나;박만식;

Journal of the Korean Data Analysis Society, 2016. vol.18. 6B, pp.3011-3021
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