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An approximate fitting for mixture of multivariate skew normal distribution via EM algorithm
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 Title & Authors
An approximate fitting for mixture of multivariate skew normal distribution via EM algorithm
Kim, Seung-Gu;
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Fitting a mixture of multivariate skew normal distribution (MSNMix) with multiple skewness parameter vectors via EM algorithm often requires a highly expensive computational cost to calculate the moments and probabilities of multivariate truncated normal distribution in E-step. Subsequently, it is common to fit an asymmetric data set with MSNMix with a simple skewness parameter vector since it allows us to compute them in E-step in an univariate manner that guarantees a cheap computational cost. However, the adaptation of a simple skewness parameter is unrealistic in many situations. This paper proposes an approximate estimation for the MSNMix with multiple skewness parameter vectors that also allows us to treat them in an univariate manner. We additionally provide some experiments to show its effectiveness.
multivariate skew normal distribution;mixture model;EM algorithm;multivariate normal cdf;
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