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A nonparametric Bayesian seemingly unrelated regression model
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 Title & Authors
A nonparametric Bayesian seemingly unrelated regression model
Jo, Seongil; Seok, Inhae; Choi, Taeryon;
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In this paper, we consider a seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) model and propose a nonparametric Bayesian approach to SUR with a Dirichlet process mixture of normals for modeling an unknown error distribution. Posterior distributions are derived based on the proposed model, and the posterior inference is performed via Markov chain Monte Carlo methods based on the collapsed Gibbs sampler of a Dirichlet process mixture model. We present a simulation study to assess the performance of the model. We also apply the model to precipitation data over South Korea.
seemingly unrelated regression model;Dirichlet process mixture model;collapsed Gibbs sampling;precipitation prediction;
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