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Effects of Black Sugar® and Mineral® Supplementation on Growth performance and Meat Quality of Hamwoo Steers in Fattening Period
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Black Sugar® and Mineral® Supplementation on Growth performance and Meat Quality of Hamwoo Steers in Fattening Period
Kim, Kwan Sik; Lee, Sang Moo;
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This study was carried out investigate the effects of dietary addition of mineral and sugar on the dry matter intake, daily gain, yield grade and quality grade of Hanwoo (Bos taurus coreanae) steers. Three diets fed to steers included a control diet (concentrate mix and rice straw : C) and two treatments diet (control diet + black sugar 100 g + mineral 100 g : T1, and control diet + black sugar 150 g + mineral 50 g : T2). The results are summarized as follows; total feeding intake, body weight gain and daily gain did not show significant differences among the three treatments. Cold carcass weight was significantly (p<0.05) higher in T2 than in the other two treatments (C and T1). There was no significant difference in yield traits of back fat thickness, longissimus muscle area and yield grade among the three treatments (C, T1 and T2). Marbling score showed significantly (p<0.05) higher in order of T2 (5.67) > T1 (4.67) > C (3.67). Meat color, fat color, texture and maturity were no significant difference. Quality grade was higher in T2 than in the other two treatments (C and T1), but there was no significant difference. The results show that marbling score and quality grade of Hanwoo can be increased by high dry matter intake with feeding addition of mineral and sugar.
Black sugar;Mineral;Intake;Meat quality;
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