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Study of the Use of Winter Forage Crops, Early Maturing Rice and Summer Oats in Triple Cropping Systems at Paddy Field in Southern Region
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 Title & Authors
Study of the Use of Winter Forage Crops, Early Maturing Rice and Summer Oats in Triple Cropping Systems at Paddy Field in Southern Region
Song, Tae-Hwa; Park, Tae-Il; Park, Hyong-Ho; Cho, Sang-Kyun; Oh, Young-Jin; Jang, Yun-Woo; Rho, Jea-Hwan; Park, Kwang-Geun; Kang, Hyeon-Jung;
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This experiment was undertaken to develop triple cropping systems for winter cereal crops for forage, early maturing rice and oats, and to select a winter forage crop in order to determine rice transplanting time at paddy fields in the southern region. Also, the productivity and feed value of the resulting forage crops were examined. When winter cereal crops used for forages are first harvested at the early maturing rice transplanting period, and again harvested during the winter forage crop harvesting period, the fresh yield and dry matter yield of rye were 32.0, 42.3 ton/ha and 5.8, 16.5 ton/ha, respectively, demonstrating higher yields than other winter crops. The early maturing rice, 'Jopyeong', transplanted on June 4 had a lower percentage of ripened grain compared to those transplanted on May 6, and milled rice yield transplanted on June 4 was also decreased by 22%. Thus, the results showed that early transplanting was profitable. Regarding the oats grown during the fall cropping season, the heading date for the oats sown first was on October 10, but the heading was not observed in those sown later. Dry matter yield and TDN yield of the second sowing was less than 50% compared to the first. Consequently, rye may be the most suitable winter forage crop for triple cropping systems. Early transplanting of 'Jopyeong' after rye harvesting before April 30 in addition to timely sowing of oats in the fall season would be profitable for rice and forage production using triple cropping systems in the southern region.
Triple cropping;Winter crops;Early maturing rice;Oats;Productivity;
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