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Effects of BMR Variety and Corn Grain (Grounded) Supplement on Silage Quality of Sorghum × Sudan Hybrids
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 Title & Authors
Effects of BMR Variety and Corn Grain (Grounded) Supplement on Silage Quality of Sorghum × Sudan Hybrids
Kwon, Chan Ho; Kim, Eun Joong; Cho, Sangbuem;
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The present study was conducted to evaluate the productivity of (SX17) hybrid and BMR (brown mid rib) hybrid and silage quality of these forages with corn grain supplementation. The effect of corn grain supplementation on the quality of silages was also investigated. No remarkable differences at growth characteristics and productivities in two hybrids were found. Sugar content, however, in stem of BMR hybrid showed significantly great (p<0.05) and the difference between two hybrids was about . Ratio of lactic acid in total organic acid in BMR hybrid (82.8%) was significantly greater than the control (SX17 hybrid) (78.5%) (p<0.05). Ratio of butyric acid in total organic acid in SX17 hybrid (18.5%) was significantly greater than BMR hybrid (9.8%) (p<0.05). According to the result of organic acid ratio, it could be assumed that the use of BMR hybrid can improve silage quality. NDF and ADF contents in both SX17 and BMR hybrids were significantly declined with increased corn grain supplementation (p<0.05). Different TDN values in SX17 (56.2) and BMR (57.1) hybrids were detected. However, TDN values of both SX17 and BMR hybrid silages were significantly elevated by increasing the proportion of ground corn (p<0.05).
hybrids;BMR;Corn;Productivity;Silage quality;
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중부지역에서 케나프(홍마 300), 옥수수(광평옥) 및 수수×수단그라스 교잡종(점보)의 생육특성, 수량성 및 품질비교,황태영;지희정;김기용;이상훈;이기원;최기준;

한국초지조사료학회지, 2015. vol.35. 2, pp.152-158 crossref(new window)
Comparison of Agronomic Characteristics, Forage Production and Quality of Kenaf (Hongma 300), Maize (Kwangpyeongok) and Sorghum × Sudangrass Hybrids (Jumbo) in Middle Region of Korea, Journal of The Korean Society of Grassland and Forage Science, 2015, 35, 2, 152  crossref(new windwow)
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