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A Comparison between Effects of Anorexia Induced by Consecutive Low-Dose Cisplatin and High-Dose Cisplatin on Hindlimb Muscles of Rats
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A Comparison between Effects of Anorexia Induced by Consecutive Low-Dose Cisplatin and High-Dose Cisplatin on Hindlimb Muscles of Rats
Kim, Jin-Il; Choe, Myoung-Ae;
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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of anorexia induced by consecutive low-dose and high-dose of cisplatin (CDDP) on the hindlimb muscles of rats. Methods: Male Sprague-Dawley rats were assigned to three groups: Control group (C) received a saline (the same dose and duration as the low CDDP group), the high-dose cisplatin (High CDDP) group received a single 5 mg/kg dose of cisplatin, the consecutive low-dose cisplatin (Low CDDP) group had 1 mg/kg of cisplatin administered for five consecutive days. On the 8th day the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles were dissected. Body weight, food intake, activity, muscle weight, Type I, II fiber cross-sectional area (CSA) of the dissected muscles were measured. Results: Body weight, food intake, muscle weight and Type I, II fiber CSA of the High CDDP and Low CDDP groups were significantly less than the C group. The High CDDP group showed significant decreases, compared to the Low CDDP group, in body weight, food intake, activity score, muscle weight and Type I, II fiber CSA. Conclusion: Hindlimb muscle atrophy occurs due to anorexia induced by both consecutive low-dose and high-dose cisplatin. The muscle atrophy induced by consecutive low-dose cisplatin is less apparent than high-dose cisplatin.
Chemotherapy;Cisplatin;Muscular atrophy;Rat;
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항산화제가 시스플라틴에 의해 유발된 쥐의 뒷다리근 위축 경감에 미치는 영향,김진일;최명애;

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