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The Effects of Dance Sports Program on Health Promotion in Rural Women
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 Title & Authors
The Effects of Dance Sports Program on Health Promotion in Rural Women
Kim, Dong-Oak; Lee, Hyeon-Soon; Kwon, Young-Sook;
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Purpose: This study was performed to identify the effects of dance sports programs on the parameters of health promotion (blood pressure, pulse, glucose, blood lipids, musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, self-efficacy, and depression) in rural women. Methods: A non-equivalent control group pretest-posttest experimental design was used. The study subjects were 38 women who were aged 45-78 and cultivating perilla leaves in a rural area. An experimental group (n
Dance sports;Health promotion;Rural women;Blood lipid;Self-efficacy;Depression;
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세라밴드 운동 프로그램이 여성노인의 골밀도와 건강증진행위에 미치는 효과,김주현;현혜진;안미향;최은영;고가연;박복순;

Journal of Korean Biological Nursing Science, 2013. vol.15. 3, pp.147-153 crossref(new window)
치료레크리에이션 프로그램이 화상재활환자의 정신건강 상태와 심박동 변이에 미치는 효과,길명숙;이미화;이용미;

Journal of Korean Biological Nursing Science, 2015. vol.17. 2, pp.179-187 crossref(new window)
국내 여성우울 중재연구에 관한 분석-통합적 고찰,최은영;이은희;현혜진;변미경;

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