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Biological Activity of Multifunctional Oligopeptide Derivatives
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  • Journal title : Journal of the Chosun Natural Science
  • Volume 9, Issue 2,  2016, pp.86-93
  • Publisher : The Research Institute of Chosun Natural Science
  • DOI : 10.13160/ricns.2016.9.2.86
 Title & Authors
Biological Activity of Multifunctional Oligopeptide Derivatives
Kim, Bo Mi;
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The peptide sequences, GHK(Gly-His-Lys) and KTTKS(Lys-Thr-Thr-Lys-Ser), using a collagen stimulator recently were manipulated at N-terminal as a multifunctional peptide derivative with PEG(polyethyleneglycol) linker connected to gallic acid which presents anti-inflammatory activity. The multifunctional peptide derivatives were obtained in a normal peptide preparation method through SPPS(solid phase peptide synthesis) using Fmoc chemistry and a carboxyl group insertion reaction of PEG-3,4,5-triacetoxy benzoate by using potassium tert-butoxide and ethyl bromoacetate, which was separated by Sephadex DEAE. It gave a good compromise to a cosmetic application for cell cytotoxicity, anti-wrinkle, and anti-inflammation.
Oligopeptide Derivative;SPPS;PEGylation;Cosmetics;
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