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Prevalence of Fasciola spp. from cattle in slaughterhouse by macroscopic examination
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 Title & Authors
Prevalence of Fasciola spp. from cattle in slaughterhouse by macroscopic examination
Park, Bae-Keun; Hong, Eui-Ju; Ryu, Si-Yun; Jung, Bae-Dong; Kim, Ji-Min; Kim, Hyeon-Cheol;
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This study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of fascioliasis in slaughtered cattle in Kangwon (Wonju, Hoengseong, Hongcheon, Cheorwon, Pyeongchang) province and Daejeon from October to December in 2014. From the total 10,780 examined cattle, 0.54% (58/10,780) were found to be positive for fascioliasis by postmortem macroscopic inspection. The Fasciola spp. infection rates were higher in the most Daejeon (1.83%, 41/2,240), followed by Hoengseong (0.40%, 15/3,714) and Hongcheon (0.22%, 2/901). It was not infected in the other regions. The outward appearances of Fasciola spp. infected livers looked almost normal and the worms were all parasitize in the main hepatic duct.
Fasioliasis;Fasciola spp;Liver;Main hepatic duct;Cattle;
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