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Filtering Airborne Laser Scanning Data by Utilizing Adjacency Based on Scan Line
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Filtering Airborne Laser Scanning Data by Utilizing Adjacency Based on Scan Line
Lee, Jeong-Ho; Yeom, Jun-Ho; Kim, Yong-Il;
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This study aims at filtering ALS points into ground and non-ground effectively through labeling and window based algorithm by utilizing 2D adjacency based on scan line. Firstly, points adjacency is constructed through minimal search based on scan line. Connected component labeling algorithm is applied to classify raw ALS points into ground and non-ground by utilizing the adjacency structure. Then, some small objects are removed by morphology filtering, and isolated ground points are restored by IDW estimation. The experimental results shows that the method provides good filtering performance( about 97% accuracy) for diverse sites, and the overall processing takes less time than converting raw data into TIN or raster grid.
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다중선형 회귀분석에 의한 LiDAR 자료의 필터링 자동화 기법,최승필;조지현;김준성;

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