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Redefinition of the Original Benchmark Height using Long-term Tide Observations Analysis and GPS Levelling Methods
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 Title & Authors
Redefinition of the Original Benchmark Height using Long-term Tide Observations Analysis and GPS Levelling Methods
Jung, Tae-Jun; Yoon, Hong-Sic; Hwang, Jin-Sang; Lee, Dong-Ha;
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In this study, we suggested the period of tide observations is proper to calculate the mean sea level(MSL) precisely on Incheon tide station using wavelet analysis, and newly determined then the vertical reference surface of Korea using the calculated MSL. In order to calculate the height difference between the calculated MSL and specific ground station (ICGP) near the Incheon tide stations, we performed the laser measurements directly to the sea surface where located below ICGP. The orthometric-height of ICGP was determined that corrected the height difference to the calculated MSL using linear interpolation method. Finally, we connected the orthometric-height of ICGP with the original benchmark (ORBM) using GPS leveling methods for determining the new orthometric-height of ORBM. As the results, there is a variation amount of 0.026m between the new MSL was calculated in this study and old MSL was calculated in 1910`s. Also, there is a difference of 0.035m between the new and old orthometric-heights of ORBM. The connection (or leveling) error of 0.009m was revealed in new orthometric height of ORBM with consideration of MSL variation which may caused by the error of GPS ellipsoid height and/or geoid model. In this study, we could be determined precisely the orthometric-height of ORBM based on the new MSL of Incheon Bay using only GPS leveling method, not a spirit leveling method. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the vertical datum strictly using long-term and continuously tide observations more than 19 years and to use the GPS leveling method widely in the height leveling work for the effective changeover from the orthonormal to the orthometric in national height system.
Vertical Datum;Mean Sea level;Original Benchmark;Wavelet Analysis;Precise GPS Positioning;Geoid Model;
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