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Unsupervised Change Detection for Very High-spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery by Using Object-based IR-MAD Algorithm
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 Title & Authors
Unsupervised Change Detection for Very High-spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery by Using Object-based IR-MAD Algorithm
Jaewan, Choi;
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The change detection algorithms, based on remotely sensed satellite imagery, can be applied to various applications, such as the hazard/disaster analysis and the land monitoring. However, unchanged areas sometimes detected as the changed areas due to various errors in relief displacements and noise pixels, included in the original multi-temporal dataset at the application of unsupervised change detection algorithm. In this research, the object-based changed detection for the high-spatial resolution satellite images is applied by using the IR-MAD (Iteratively Reweighted- Multivariate Alteration Detection), which is one of those representative change detection algorithms. In additionally, we tried to increase the accuracy of change detection results with using the additional information, based on the cross-sharpening method. In the experiment, we used the KOMPSAT-2 satellite sensor, and resulted in the object-based IR-MAD algorithm, representing higher changed detection accuracy than that by the pixel-based IR-MAD. Also, the object-based IR-MAD, focused on cross-sharpened images, increased in accuracy of changed detection, compared to the original object-based IR-MAD. Through these experiments, we could conclude that the land monitoring and the change detection with the high-spatial-resolution satellite imagery can be accomplished efficiency by using the object-based IR-MAD algorithm.
High-spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery;Object-based Change Detection;Cross-sharpened Images;IR-MAD;
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