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Calculation of Tree Height and Canopy Crown from Drone Images Using Segmentation
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 Title & Authors
Calculation of Tree Height and Canopy Crown from Drone Images Using Segmentation
Lim, Ye Seul; La, Phu Hien; Park, Jong Soo; Lee, Mi Hee; Pyeon, Mu Wook; Kim, Jee-In;
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Drone imaging, which is more cost-effective and controllable compared to airborne LiDAR, requires a low-cost camera and is used for capturing color images. From the overlapped color images, we produced two high-resolution digital surface models over different test areas. After segmentation, we performed tree identification according to the method proposed by , and computed the tree height and the canopy crown size. Compared with the field measurements, the computed results for the tree height in test area 1 (coniferous trees) were found to be accurate, while the results in test area 2 (deciduous coniferous trees) were found to be underestimated. The RMSE of the tree height was 0.84 m, and the width of the canopy crown was 1.51 m in test area 1. Further, the RMSE of the tree height was 2.45 m, and the width of the canopy crown was 1.53 m in test area 2. The experiment results validated the use of drone images for the extraction of a tree structure.
Drone;Digital Surface Model;Segmentation;Individual Tree;Canopy Crown;
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