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Lane Extraction through UAV Mapping and Its Accuracy Assessment
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 Title & Authors
Lane Extraction through UAV Mapping and Its Accuracy Assessment
Park, Chan Hyeok; Choi, Kyoungah; Lee, Impyeong;
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Recently, global companies are developing the automobile technologies, converged with state-of-the-art IT technologies for the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. These autonomous vehicles are required the accurate lane information to enhance its reliability by controlling the vehicles safely. Hence, the study planned to examine possibilities of applying UAV photogrammetry of high-resolution images, obtained from the low altitudes. The high-resolution DSM and the ortho-images were generated from the GSD 7cm-level digital images that were obtained and based on the generated data, when the positions information of the roads including the lanes were extracted. In fact, the RMSE of verifying the extracted data was shown to be about 15cm. Through the results from the study, it could be concluded that the low alititude UAV photogrammetry can be applied for generating and updating a high-accuracy map of road areas.
UAV;Mapping;Lane Extraction;Precision Road Map;Autonomous Vehicle;Advanced Driver Assistant System;
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