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Accuracy of Parcel Boundary Demarcation in Agricultural Area Using UAV-Photogrammetry
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 Title & Authors
Accuracy of Parcel Boundary Demarcation in Agricultural Area Using UAV-Photogrammetry
Sung, Sang Min; Lee, Jae One;
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In recent years, UAV Photogrammetry based on an ultra-light UAS(Unmanned Aerial System) installed with a low-cost compact navigation device and a camera has attracted great attention through fast and accurate acquirement of geo-spatial data. In particular, UAV Photogrammetry do gradually replace the traditional aerial photogrammetry because it is able to produce DEMs(Digital Elevation Models) and Orthophotos rapidly owing to large amounts of high resolution image collection by a low-cost camera and image processing software combined with computer vision technique. With these advantages, UAV-Photogrammetry has therefore been applying to a large scale mapping and cadastral surveying that require accurate position information. This paper presents experimental results of an accuracy performance test with images of 4cm GSD from a fixed wing UAS to demarcate parcel boundaries in agricultural area. Consequently, the accuracy of boundary point extracted from UAS orthoimage has shown less than 8cm compared with that of terrestrial cadastral surveying. This means that UAV images satisfy the tolerance limit of distance error in cadastral surveying for the scale of 1: 500. And also, the area deviation is negligible small, about 0.2%(3.3m2), against true area of 1,969m2 by cadastral surveying. UAV-Photogrammetry is therefore as a promising technology to demarcate parcel boundaries.
Unmanned Aerial System;UAV-Photogrammetry;Computer Vision;Orthoimage;Parcel Boundary Demarcation;
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