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Big Data Architecture Design for the Development of Hyper Live Map (HLM)
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 Title & Authors
Big Data Architecture Design for the Development of Hyper Live Map (HLM)
Moon, Sujung; Pyeon, Muwook; Bae, Sangwon; Lee, Dorim; Han, Sangwon;
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The demand for spatial data service technologies is increasing lately with the development of realistic 3D spatial information services and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Research is being conducted on the real-time provision of spatial data services through a variety of mobile and Web-based contents. Big data or cloud computing can be presented as alternatives to the construction of spatial data for the effective use of large volumes of data. In this paper, the process of building HLM (Hyper Live Map) using multi-source data to acquire stereo CCTV and other various data is presented and a big data service architecture design is proposed for the use of flexible and scalable cloud computing to handle big data created by users through such media as social network services and black boxes. The provision of spatial data services in real time using big data and cloud computing will enable us to implement navigation systems, vehicle augmented reality, real-time 3D spatial information, and single picture based positioning above the single GPS level using low-cost image-based position recognition technology in the future. Furthermore, Big Data and Cloud Computing are also used for data collection and provision in U-City and Smart-City environment as well, and the big data service architecture will provide users with information in real time.
Big Data;Cloud Computing;HLM;Multi-Source;
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