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Orthophoto and DEM Generation in Small Slope Areas Using Low Specification UAV
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Orthophoto and DEM Generation in Small Slope Areas Using Low Specification UAV
Park, Jin Hwan; Lee, Won Hee;
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Even though existing methods for orthophoto production in traditional photogrammetry are effective in large areas, they are inefficient when dealing with change detection of geometric features and image production for short time periods in small areas. In recent years, the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), equipped with various sensors, is rapidly developing and has been implemented in various ways throughout the geospatial information field. The data and imagery of specific areas can be quickly acquired by UAVs at low costs and with frequent updates. Furthermore, the redundancy of geospatial information data can be minimized in the UAV-based orthophoto generation. In this paper, the orthophoto and DEM (Digital Elevation Model) are generated using a standard low-end UAV in small sloped areas which have a rather low accuracy compared to flat areas. The RMSE of the check points is σH
UAV;Orthophoto;Small Slope Areas;DEM;SIFT;Network-RTK;
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