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An Experimental Study on the Bonding Shear Performance Evaluation of the UHPC According to an Bonding Interface Treatment of the Construction Joint
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 Title & Authors
An Experimental Study on the Bonding Shear Performance Evaluation of the UHPC According to an Bonding Interface Treatment of the Construction Joint
Jang, Hyun-O; Kim, Bo-Seok; Lee, Han-Seung;
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Structural performance and durability of ultra high performance concrete could demonstrate optimal performance when unity was kept. Accordingly, it is necessary to involve the characteristics and quantitative surface treatment at the same time in order to retain oneness of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete(UHPC) according to construction joint occurrence. Therefore, this study derives a reasonable surface treatment method in a material`s point of view through the shear adhesion performance evaluation according to the construction joints surface processing method as a part for securing the adhesion performance of the construction joints when casting UHPC. 180 MPa of required average strength was used for mix of UHPC and surface treatment method was set to totally 7 level that MN, GR-10-0, GR-20-0, GR-30-0, SH-30-5, SH-30-10. After the specimen were manufactured to a size of , Direct shear test was performed to evaluate the shear adhesion strength. As a result, it was confirmed that the adhesion performance was improved when executing a surface treatment for the construction joint interface and standard of failure mode of specimen was over Type C. Also, It was considered that interface of cross section and depth of concavo-convex should be concerned.
ultra-high-performance concrete;uhpc;construction joint;bonding shear strength;direct shear test;
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