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Multi-step Location System using Mobile Reader and Trajectory Information in Container Port Environments
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Multi-step Location System using Mobile Reader and Trajectory Information in Container Port Environments
Choi, Hoon; Son, Sang-Hyun; Baek, Yun-Ju;
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In this paper, we propose an asset tracking system for applying a container port environment. If we attempt to apply this common locating system to a port environment for logistics automation, the system performance is degraded because there are many steel obstacles that cause interference in the RF communication and measurement. We divided readers into two types - fixed and mobile readers; hence, the location method operates in two steps for efficient wireless communication and precise measurement. In addition, the system estimates the location with trajectory information of assets when the small number of measurement is gathered. We implemented all the system components and installed these at a real port for evaluation. The success rate of communication and estimation is much better than that of the existing general locating system, and the location precision is substantially increased.
RTLS;Locating System;
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