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Network Coding for Bidirectional Traffic in IEEE 802.16 Systems
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 Title & Authors
Network Coding for Bidirectional Traffic in IEEE 802.16 Systems
Park, Jung-Min; Hwang, June; Ko, Seung-Woo; Hwang, Young-Ju; Kim, Seong-Lyun;
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In this paper, we investigate how the IEEE 802.16 based wireless system can adopt the network coding. To avoid the problem of overhearing, we focus on the bidirectional traffic, where each end node exchanges network coded data over a relay node. The bidirectional traffic is usually observed in Internet, where TCP makes congestion control and error recovery based on the acknowledgement from the opposite direction. Thus, enhancing the spectral efficiency of wireless Internet through the network coding is expected. Our simulation with realistic radio characteristics and TCP-like traffic shows that the network coding improves the throughput by an average of 36 percent compared to the simple relay case.
Network Duality;Power Control;Optimization;Interference Channel;Lagrangian;
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