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A Reservation based Network Resource Provisioning Testbed Using the Integrated Resource Management System
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 Title & Authors
A Reservation based Network Resource Provisioning Testbed Using the Integrated Resource Management System
Lim, Huhn-Kuk; Moon, Jeong-Hoon; Kong, Jong-Uk; Han, Jang-Soo; Cha, Young-Wook;
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The HPcN (Hybrid & high Performance Convergence Network) in research networks means environment which can provide both computing resource such as supercomputer, cluster and network resource to application researchers in the field of medical, bio, aerospace and e-science. The most representative research network in Korea, KREONET has been developing following technologies through the HERO (Hybrid Networking project for research oriented infrastructure) from 200S. First, we have constructed and deployed a control plane technology which can provide a connection oriented network dynamically. Second, the integrated resource management system technology has been developing for reservation and allocation of both computing and network resources, whenever users want to utilize them. In this paper, a testbed network is presented, which is possible to reserve and allocate network resource using the integrated resource management system. We reserve network resource through GNSI (Grid Network Service Interface) messages between GRS (Global Resource Scheduler) and NRM (Network Resource Manager) and allocate network resource through GUNI (Grid User Network Interface) messages between the NRM (network resource manager) and routers, based on reservation information provided from a user on the web portal. It is confirmed that GUNI interface messages are delivered from the NRM to each router at the starting of reservation time and traffic is transmitted through LSP allocated by the NRM.
HPcN;GRS;NRM;GNSI;GUNI;Network resource;LSP;
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