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A Node Deployment Strategy Considering Environmental Factors and the Number of Nodes in Surveillance and Reconnaissance Sensor Network
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A Node Deployment Strategy Considering Environmental Factors and the Number of Nodes in Surveillance and Reconnaissance Sensor Network
Kim, Yong-Hyun; Chung, Kwang-Sue;
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In the area of wireless sensor networks, sensor coverage and network connectivity problems are caused by a limited detection range and the communication distance of the nodes. To solve the coverage and connectivity problems, many studies are suggested, but most research is restricted to apply into the real environment because they didn't consider various environmental factors on wireless sensor network deployment. So in this paper, we propose a node deployment strategy considering environmental factors and the number of nodes in surveillance and reconnaissance sensor networks(SRSN). The proposed node deployment method divides the installation of the surveillance and reconnaissance sensor networks system into four steps such as identification of influences factors for node placement through IPB process, sensor node deployment based on sensing range, selection of monitoring site, and relay node deployment based on RF communication range. And it deploys the sensor nodes and relay nodes considered the features of the surveillance and reconnaissance sensor network system and environmental factors. The result of simulation indicates that the proposed node deployment method improves sensor coverage and network connectivity.
sensor network;coverage;connectivity;deployment;
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