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The Design and Implementation of a Real-Time FMD Cattle Burial Sites Monitoring System Based-on Wireless Environmental Sensors
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 Title & Authors
The Design and Implementation of a Real-Time FMD Cattle Burial Sites Monitoring System Based-on Wireless Environmental Sensors
Moon, Seung-Jin; Kim, Hong-Gyu; Park, Kyu-Hyun;
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Recent outbreak of cattle diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease(FMD) requires constant monitoring of burial sites of mass cull of cattles. However, current monitoring system takes environmental samples from burial sites with period of between one and two weeks, which makes it impossible for non-stop management of hazardous bio-waste. Therefore, in this study, we suggest an improved real-time environmental monitoring system for such bio-hazardous sites based on wireless sensor networks, which makes constant surveillance of the FMD burial sites possible. The system consists mainly several wireless environmental monitoring sensors(i.e dust, Co2, VOC, NH3, H2S, temperature, humidity) nodes and GPS location tracking nodes. Through analysis of the relayed of the environmental monitoring data via gateway, the system makes it possible for constant monitoring and quick response for emergency situation of the burial sites. In order to test the effectiveness of the system, we have installed a set of sensor to gas outlets of the burial sites, then collected and analyzed measured bio-sensing data. We have conducted simulated emergency test runs and was able to detect and monitor the foul smell constantly. With our study, we confirm that the preventive measures and quick response of bio environmental accident are possible with the help of a real-time environmental monitoring system.
Environment Information;Real-Time Monitoring;Wireless Sensor Network;Cattle in the ground Information;FMD;
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