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Depth Interpolation Method using Random Walk Probability Model
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 Title & Authors
Depth Interpolation Method using Random Walk Probability Model
Lee, Gyo-Yoon; Ho, Yo-Sung;
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For the high quality 3-D broadcasting, depth maps are important data. Although commercially available depth cameras capture high-accuracy depth maps in real time, their resolutions are much smaller than those of the corresponding color images due to technical limitations. In this paper, we propose the depth map up-sampling method using a high-resolution color image and a low-resolution depth map. We define a random walk probability model in an operation unit which has nearest seed pixels. The proposed method is appropriate to match boundaries between the color image and the depth map. Experimental results show that our method enhances the depth map resolution successfully.
Multi-View Video;Depth Map;View Synthesis;Boundary Noise;
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