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An Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Network
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 Title & Authors
An Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Network
Kim, Bo-Seung; Jung, Ki-Won; Shin, Yong-Tae; Son, Young-Soo;
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The one of the core technologies for ubiquitous computing is WSN. WSN detects the information from the environment around them based on the information perceived from the human and all things and manages the information by connecting to the network in realtime. In this environment, the existing research provides the mechanism that most of sensor nodes in the target area can set the transmission path using RGF. However, unrelated to the target area will be responsible for the energy consumption of nodes that are the problem. In this paper, we propose EEDCP protocol. It is designed to collect data from the specific region on sinks in WSN. EEDCP is the protocol that sets the transmission path for collection data inside the target area in WSN. And this paper is shown that the proposed scheme is more efficient in the energy efficiency and the occurrence rate of isolated nodes by comparison with the previous studies through simulation.
WSN;Ubiquitous;Sink;Target region;Data collection;
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