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PAPR Reduction Technique and BER Performance Improvement in OFDM-based Wireless Visible Light Communication
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 Title & Authors
PAPR Reduction Technique and BER Performance Improvement in OFDM-based Wireless Visible Light Communication
Ryu, Sang-Burm; Ryu, Heung-Gyoon;
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OFDM systems are much studied for the recent high speed wireless optical communication system. OFDM system has basically high PAPR and ICI easily generated because of non-linearity and RF impairments. In the wireless optical communication system, optical output power driven by current of LED is not linear so that transmission signals are distorted. Therefore, research about reception performance of this nonlinear optical output emitted by non-linear LED transfer function and OFDM signal has been conducted. Nonlinear effect of LED is different from nonlinear effect of OFDM system in the conventional radio communication system, which degrades the BER performance. In this paper, we apply non-linear transfer function of recently studied LED into OFDM system. So, for reducing the PAPR and suppressing the ICI in frequency domain of receiver, we suggest a new PAPR reduction technique to reduce non-linear distortion of LED and an adaptive ICI suppression algorithm so that BER performance may be improved. Also, the proposed method is verified through simulation results.
visible light communication;PAPR;ICI;white LED;DFTS OFDM;
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