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Cell Management and Handover Method in IEEE 802.16e-based Femto-cell Systems
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 Title & Authors
Cell Management and Handover Method in IEEE 802.16e-based Femto-cell Systems
Cho, Kwang-Hyun; Kim, Dong-Ho;
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In this paper, we consider a cell management and handover method in an IEEES02.16e based femto-cell systems. In a femto-cell system, Mobile Stations (MS) and Base Stations (BS) are temporarily overloaded during the process of MOB_NBR-ADV message because it includes huge information of macro-cell and a large number of femto-cells. Also, MS can be handover into another cell frequently, i.e. ping-pong phenomenon, if it is located in a overlapped cell area. In a femtocell system, so-called ping-pong phenomenon will burden the network opreation. In this paper, we propose construction of MOB_NBR-ADV message and it provides fast scanning and efficent handover by means of preselecting the candidate target femto-cells. Also, an adaptive method of hysteresis margin for handover is proposed. The simulation results show that the proposed schemes improve the MS's handover-related performance in terms of scanning power and scanning time compared with the conventional managements scheme of femto-cell systems.
femto-cell;handover;cell management;IEEE 802.16e;
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