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Signal-Blocking-Based Robust Adaptive Beamforming by Interference Null Space Projection
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 Title & Authors
Signal-Blocking-Based Robust Adaptive Beamforming by Interference Null Space Projection
Choi, Yang-Ho;
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Adaptive beamformers, which utilize a priori information on the arrival angle of the desired signal. suppress interferences while maximizing their gains in the desired signal direction. However, if there exist errors in the direction information, they can suffer from severe performance degradation since the desired signal is treated as an interference. A robust adaptive beamforming method is presented which exploits the signal-blocking structure of the Duvall beamformer. The proposed method finds an interference signal space directly from correlations of received signals and then obtains a weight vector such that it is orthogonal to the space. Applying the weight vector to two sub arrays which consist of one less sensors than the original uniform lineal array (ULA), the beamformer efficiently estimates the arrival angle of the desired signal. Its computational complexity is lower than existing methods, which require matrix inversion or eigendecomposition.
Robust Adaptive Beamforming;Duvall Beamformer;Null Space Projection;
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효과적인 간섭 부공간 추정을 통한 조향에러에 강인한 고유공간 기반 적응 어레이,최양호;

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