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Performance Evaluation of Authentication Protocol for Mobile RFID Privacy
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Performance Evaluation of Authentication Protocol for Mobile RFID Privacy
Eom, Tae-Yang; Yi, Jeong-Hyun;
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Mobile RFID system, that consists of the existing RFID reader mounted on the mobile devices such as smartphones, is able to provide the users a variety of services and convenience. Although the users can get the information about a certain product anytime anywhere, there is high probability that their privacy may be violated because their belongings with RFID tags can be scanned by other mobile readers at any time. Several RFID authentication schemes have been proposed to deal with these privacy issues. However, since the existing solutions require heavy computation on the tag side, most of them is not applicable to the general low-cost passive tags which do not have any processing unit. In this paper, we propose the efficient authentication scheme for mobile RFID system applicable to the passive tags as well as the active ones by the best use of computing capability of mobile devices. The proposed scheme satisfies the import security issues such as tag protection, untraceability, anti-traffic analysis. We also implement the proposed scheme on top of real smartphone for feasibility and show the experimental results from it.
Mobile RFID;Passive Tag;RFID Authentication Protocol;
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