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A Novel Image Encryption using Complemented MLCA based on NBCA and 2D CAT
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 Title & Authors
A Novel Image Encryption using Complemented MLCA based on NBCA and 2D CAT
Kim, Ha-Kyung; Nam, Tae-Hee; Cho, Sung-Jin; Kim, Seok-Tae;
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In this paper, we propose encryption method to using complemented MLCA(Maximum Length Cellular Automata) based on NBCA(Null Boundary CA) and 2D CAT (Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata Transform) for efficient image encryption. The encryption method is processed in the following order. First, a transition matrix T is created using the Wolfram Rule matrix. Then, the transition matrix T is multiplied to the original image that is intended to be encrypted, which transfers the pixel values of the original image. Furthermore, the converted original image goes through a XOR operation with complemented vector F to convert into a complemented MLCA applied image. Then, the gateway value is set and 2D CAT basis function is created. Also, the 2D CAT is encrypted by multiplying the created basis function to the complemented MLCA applied image. Lastly, the stability analysis verifies that proposed method holds a high encryption quality status.
Complemented MLCA(Maximum Length Cellular Automata);CAT(Cellular Automata Transform);Wolfram Rule;Image Encryption;
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