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An Improved ToA Estimation in a Compressed Sensing-based UWB System
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An Improved ToA Estimation in a Compressed Sensing-based UWB System
Le, Tan N.; Kim, Kwang-Yul; Shin, Yo-An;
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Since the first arrival path may not be the strongest path of UWB(Ultra Wide Band) multipath channels, this makes ToA(Time-of-Arrival) estimation becomes a challengeable issue. Furthermore, because of ultra bandwidth of received signals, the compressed sensing theory is employed to reduce the complexity caused by very high Nyquist sampling rate in coherent UWB receivers. In this paper, we propose a ToA estimation scheme which provides precise estimation performance, while exploiting the benefits of compressed sensing-based UWB receivers. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme can outperform other low complexity schemes in a wide range of signal-to-noise ratios.
ToA(Time-of-Arrival);Ranging;Compressed Sensing;UWB(Ultra Wide Band);
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무선 USB 기술을 활용한 무선웹캠 구현 및 적용방법,채정식;반태학;정회경;

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