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PMIPv6 Global Handover Mechanism using Multicast Source Based Forwarding
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PMIPv6 Global Handover Mechanism using Multicast Source Based Forwarding
Choi, Hoan-Suk; Lee, Jang-Hyun; Rhee, Woo-Seop;
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In this paper, we propose the global handover mechanism that is able to provide the unlimited range of next-generation multimedia mobile services in an integrated environment. This mechanism consists of a multicast source based forwarding scheme and a global session management scheme. Global session management scheme provides LMA session information management, global mobility and route optimization. Multicast source based forwarding scheme delivers data between previously attached LMA and newly attached LMA without packet loss. In addition, this scheme removes the redundancy of buffered data. We present a performance evaluation and features analysis by the simulations using the ns-2. Global session management scheme has a less handover latency, propagation delay and signaling cost than the conventional methods. Multicast source based forwarding scheme can deliver buffer data without loss and it has less buffer size than conventional method.
Global Handover;PMIPv6;Multicast;Buffer Management;Mobility;
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