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A Limit-Phase-Feedback-based Precoding Technique for CoMP
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A Limit-Phase-Feedback-based Precoding Technique for CoMP
Kim, Tae-Young; Yoon, Eun-Chul;
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In this paper, a precoder based on limited phase feedback is proposed to maximize user's receive signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) in coordinated multi-point (CoMP) coordinated scheduling / coordinated beamforming (CS/CB) precoding matrix indicator (PMI) scenario. Most conventional precoding techniques based on limited phase feedback have been considered in a single-cell environment. However, considering neighboring cells in a multi-cell environment, we enhance the conventional preocoding. method. First, to maximize receive SINR, precoding matrices are designed to maximize the serving cell's signal and to minimize the coordinated cells' signal. Also, a precoder which can be used in a limited bit feedback condition is suggested. Finally, the proposed precoder's performance is evaluated and compared with some other precoding techniques by using simulation under the CoMP CS/CB PMI scenario.
Coordinated Multi-point (CoMP);Precoding Matrix Indicator (PMI);Outercell interference;SINR maximization;Phase feedback;
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협력적 다중 선박 네트워크에서 유틸리티 함수 기반의 스케줄링 기법,김윤성;이성로;소재우;

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