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Trust Assurance of Data in Cloud Computing Environment
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 Title & Authors
Trust Assurance of Data in Cloud Computing Environment
Jung, Im-Y.; Jo, In-Soon; Yu, Young-Jin;
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Cloud Computing Environment provides users with a blue print of IT Utopia with virtualization; unbounded computing power and data storage free from the cost and the responsibility of maintenance for the IT resources. But, there are several issues to be addressed for the Cloud Computing Environment to be realized as the blue print because users cannot control the IT resources provided by the Cloud Computing Environment but can only use them. One of the issues is how to secure and to trust data in the Cloud Computing Environment. In this paper, an efficient and practical trust assurance of data with provenance in Cloud Computing Environment.
Cloud Computing;Trust of Data;Provenance;Data Integrity;Audit Integrity;
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재해정보를 고려한 클라우드 데이터센터 입지선정에 관한 연구,김기욱;김창수;

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클라우드 스토리지의 공유 데이터에 대한 효율적 다중 서명 기법,김영식;

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