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The Analysis of Effects of LED Panel Position and Lighting Angle on Communication Channel Quality in Indoor Visible Light Communication Systems
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The Analysis of Effects of LED Panel Position and Lighting Angle on Communication Channel Quality in Indoor Visible Light Communication Systems
Do, Tronghop; Hwang, Jun-Ho; Yoo, Myung-Sik;
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The visible light communication system that transmits data by controlling light emission of LED and receives data through photo detecter is considered as one of the strong candidates of the next generation wireless communication systems. The visible light communication provides both lighting and wireless communication wherever the LED lamps are installed. Due to the feature of visible light communication system, the communication is possible within the area that LED light reaches, and the communication quality depends on the light intensity received at the receiver. In this paper, we analyze the effects of LED panel position and lighting angel on communication channel quality in visible light communication systems. Through computer simulations, we prove that position of LED panel and light angle have a great impact on illuminance and SNR of the visible light communication systems.
Visible light communication;Channel quality;LED panel;Lighting angle;SNR;
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